Local Business Lead Generation
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Local Business Online Lead Generation System
How It Works
Deceptively simple, our local business lead generation funnels work by offering visitors to your landing page or 'lead magnet page' a free giveaway or 'ethical bribe' in exchange for their contact details.

Typically these bribes are free reports or guides, however, could be an instructional video course or a discount voucher for your services.
Once the visitor enters their details they will automatically be redirected to the 'thank you page' to claim their free gift, report, voucher, etc. It is a good idea to also place a 'call to action' on this page, ie give the prospect a reason to get in touch, such as: "Sale Ending Soon - Call today for an extra 10% off all Widgets"  - or similar.

This page can also be used to educate the prospect a little more about your product or services and how they could benefit.

Our studies show that a system like this improves conversion rates drastically, massively increasing the likelihood that your website visitor will actually call you, meaning more business for you, and if they don't call right away you can follow up, either in person or with a series of emails sent out automatically designed to nurture your lead until they are ready to make a purchase.
The simple facts are that most visitors to a website just leave without taking any action, probably never to be seen again, however by offering a free gift of value get the opportunity to remain at the forefront of that customer's mind whilst they are making their purchasing decision. 

This is what all smart companies and marketers do because it works

You have no doubt seen this type of system in action before, but in the past may have assumed this was too complicated or expensive to set up and run. Well not anymore. The truth is you can no longer afford not to have a system like this in place. 

Times are changing and all business, big or small need to keep up.
We Can Create A System That Works For Your Business Bringing You Fresh Leads On Complete Autopilot!
The Next Step:
Good news! If you are here now, you have a chance to get a head of your competition. You now have 3 choices:
  •  Do nothing and watch your business slowly die.
  •  Build it yourself.
  •  Let us build it for you.
Doing nothing is the easiest option, however if your business is to survive you will need a reliable funnel or you will eventually get squeezed out of business by those that do.

If you would like to build it yourself, the software we use is called ClickFunnels, please click here for a free 14 day trial. We are here to help if you get stuck.
The SMART Choice! Get your funnel professionally built by the experts for less than you might think.
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